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Local Caricaturist Lo'Vonia Parks on Speed Drawing and Making People Cry | Creative Loafing

by Ryan Pitkin

As a friend of Lo'Vonia Parks, I immediately knew what was happening when, just a couple minutes into our interview last week, her hand began to reach for her bag. I was about to be drawn.

Some people whistle when they get nervous, some people bite their nails, Lo'Vonia draws, so when she reached for one of her pads while answering one of my first questions I wasn't surprised. In fact, I was excited to finally get my first official caricature done on the big pad after nearly a half-year of friendship.

Lo'Vonia (pronounced Low-VAWN-ah] is a local artist who draws caricatures, among other things. I've attended multiple music shows around town with her, and she always keeps her sketchbook at her side, ready to begin snapshotting a performance with sketches at a moment's notice.


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