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by The Biscuit

Instagram: @fk.creative / @lovoniaparks Twitter: @FKernesCreative / @lovoniaparks Website: / Tip the Artists: @FKernes (Venmo) / @LoVoniaParks (Venmo)

Lo’Vonia Parks On Working With Franklin On The Mural:

“I assisted the artist Franklin Kernes on his letter V. He and I have worked together through Brand the Moth’s META Mural Residency program last year. I saw what Sam Guzzie and Dammit Wesley posted on IG and felt compelled to help ANY way I could. I came with snacks and Gatorade in my backpack and grabbed a brush.

Franklin can probably best describe the V. To me, what it meant was change for the future. The future are our children and when I saw his little girl cheer him on, the message was clear. Change happens NOW for our FUTURE.

I posted on my Facebook page that you can’t spell ‘heart’ without ‘art’ … and yesterday that showed. I saw and participated with people who asked about what our letter’s message was. I heard from people who were honest and open about learning more about BIPOC’s injustices and they listened.

Art is an experience and not just a novelty. The power of art lets people gather safely together to become aware of the hatred and racism within our country. The art created a safe space to express the truth.”


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