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Shitty Pet Portraits make the perfect gift for any fur parent! They are 4x6 inch postcard-sized illustrations using sustainable cardboard from I dunno, somewhere.


After purchase, you will receive the link to a questionnaire. You must answer my questions to get your Shitty Pet Portrait. 


On that form, you will be able to submit a picture of your doggo or kitty and I will shitastically draw it! 


Shitty Pet Portrait - $55

  • 4x6 inch illustration on cardboard
  • FREE SHIPPING; Mailed via USPS
  • Fulfillment guaranteed within 2 weeks
  • No refunds, no revisions. Lo’BOBia ain't got time for that.
  • If USPS loses your shit, Lo’BOBia will redraw it. Shitty, of course!

Shitty Pet Portrait

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