Say it Loud! Take pride in who you are. 


BLM  bracelets with rainbow beads, silver accent beads and a mini colorful tassel. Phrase bracelets are a great way to express what's important to you while having fun. Each bracelet has the phrase "black lives matter" with colorful rainbow beads (red,orange, yellow, green,blue, purple)  surroudning it. Each bracelet is joyfully handmade, so there's limited stock. Wear with intent and love.


A portion of each sale will go to Time Youth Center which serves LGBTQ youth ages 11-20 in Charlotte NC.



- stretches up to 8.5 inches

- acrylic word, rainbow and accent beads

- 1.25 in. cotton tassels

- elastic cording

- handmade

Say It Loud Bracelet