Lo'vonia parks

Lo’Vonia Parks is an illustrator, caricaturist and mixed media artist in Charlotte, NC. Her work draws on a thought-provoking mix of history and pop culture to tell innovative and slyly humorous visual stories. 

Parks graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration before learning live event caricature under professional artist Justin Galloway at Six Flags over Georgia. 

LoVoniaParksHeadshot (1).jpg

“I’m trying to change the perception of what is considered fine art using all the elements at my disposal,” Parks said. Her weapons of choice are mainly paint on canvas and, for mixed media sculptures, perler beads—the retro staple of nostalgia crafts. Parks has reimagined Drake, Biggie, Tupac and Beyonce with the beads, as part of her Icons series that will also include Snoop Dogg and Frida Kahlo. Parks enjoys creating icons from humble material for aesthetic and philosophical reasons."

-Lo'Vonia Parks